Routing failure in dynamic send port after adding new default send handler to HTTP adapter

Version: Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Enterprise Edition 3.9.469.0

[Dynamic send ports use default send handlers defined for adapter.]

Issue description
Application with a dynamic send port was imported and started.  We’ve found out later that we need to have the dynamic send port running on a different server. So we’ve added a new (default) send handler with a different host, removed the previous send handler and restarted all host instances. But BizTalk was still running the dynamic send on old server and each time failing with “Routing failure” error.

Configuration before:
Adapter A with default send handler on host H1 (running on server S1)

Configuration after:
Adapter A with default send handler on host H2 (running on server S2)
○ New send handler running on host H2 was added with option to make it default
○ Old send handler running on host H1 was removed
○ Host instances were restarted

○ Dynamic send port that that was enlisted before the adapter modification is still instantiated on server S1
○ In administration console message gets suspended on the send port with “Routing failure”
○ Subscriptions for dynamic send ports get corrupted/out of sync

○ Remove application from BTS administration console
○ Import the application with bindings again and start it
○ Now proper host will be used

Possible fix:
○ It may also be possible that unenlisting and enlisting the dynamic port will be enough, because it recreates subscriptions, but this solution was not tested


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